Education Foundation for the Colorado National Guard


Frequently Asked Questions
  • Grant Award FAQ’s
    • Eligibility
      • Who is eligible to apply for these grants?
        • Must be affiliated with the Colorado National Guard as a member, spouse, dependent child or retiree.
        • Applicants 24 years of age or older on the application deadline date do not qualify as a Dependent Child.
        • Applicants must be enrolled at an accredited institution, full or part-time, at a college,university, trade or business school. Undergraduates, graduate students and trade or business school students are eligible for grants.
        • High school seniors may apply. Award of a grant is dependent upon acceptance into a college, university, trade or business school.
        • Previous Education Foundation grant recipients may re-apply but must submit a completely new application packet each time they apply.
      • Is there a minimum GPA requirement for applicants?
        • No, there is no GPA requirement.
      • I am a home-school student, am I eligible to apply?
        • Yes if you are a senior in high school. An award is dependent upon acceptance into a college, university, trade or business school.
    • Applying
      • How do I apply?
      • When are applications available?
        • The application can always be downloaded from the site. Grants are awarded twice a year.
      • When are applications due?
        • February 1st for the spring semester and August 15th for the fall semester.
      • Is there an application fee?
        • No, there is not an application fee.
    • Process and Selection
      • How are students selected?
        • Grants are based on both merit and financial need.
      • How much money is awarded to each recipient?
        • The Board of Directors establishes the value of the grant funds available based on the amount of donations received. The Award Committee determines the number of grants and individual values based on the quality of the applications received. The committee reserves the right to not distribute funds in a given semester based on the quality of the applicants it has to review.
  • Donation FAQ’s
    • Where does the donated money go?
      • 70% of funds go towards grants. The remaining 30% are allocated to cover administrative and fund raising expenses.
    • Are donations tax-deductible?
      • Yes, The Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization
    • How can I make a donation?
      • Bernie Rogoff (303) 909-6369 or
      • Education Foundation for the Colorado National Guard
        P.O. Box 440889, Aurora, CO 80044-0889
    • How much can I donate?
      • There is no limit on donations. If you have more detailed questions contact Bernie Rogoff (contact information above)
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